The dream of the Torres Brothers, Sergio and Javier, has come true. “La Nave de los Sueños”, which is what they like to call it, is a new restaurant concept with a fully-seen kitchen and where the guest can enjoy, apart from an excellent cuisine, a unique and unforgettable visual experience.

Eating in the same kitchen, in a restaurant of this level, is not easy and is available to very few. With Javier and Sergio, and all their team, this is now possible.

Located in the heart of the neighborhood of Les Corts in Barcelona, ​​this Kitchen with Restaurant, is called to be a benchmark for international cuisine, no doubt.

GRUPO RULL, has been responsible for installing all the kitchens and equipment of the latest generation of the restaurant. The extraction system of the room deserves special attention, with two enormous and beautiful smoke hoods, suspended in the air, by means of a complex system of fastening of ropes and support.

All this makes this restaurant unique in the world.