Every great project begins in a dream and is followed by the creation of an idea.

GRUP CULINARY CIRCUS, owners of the well-known XIVARRI of Reus, had a dream and a great idea, and this February 12 they made it a reality. All this was cooked over low heat and I just came out of the oven “La Muela”. Excellent cuisine and perfect management. The perfect binomial to reach success.

Located in the center of Reus, and in front of his Xivarri, they have made a beautiful and attractive local, hand in hand with the office of interior designers “Silvia Sánchez Guisado Arquitectos” of Barcelona.

The cuisine, just perfect. Tradition, innovation and above all, high quality product. It is necessary to emphasize its immense cellar of wines, giving special attention to the territory.

Grupo Rull has been commissioned to build the kitchen furniture, in full view of the diner, fully customized and in full color.

Stainless steel, design, color and technology, all in the same piece of furniture.