CPA Home

Ideal kitchens

For large families, those who buy once a month, the ones who live in residential areas or develope and enjoy this grate passion or … cooking.


The kitchens of great chefs and restaurateurs adapted to your house.


Comfortable spaces with combine industrial cooking, cooling and dish washing equipments with the most modern materials in decoration such as silestone, corian or led illumination. All this will make your kitchen a place to spend great moments both with Friends and family. Systems for storage, refrigeration and freezing professional, with the rigour required by industry, and premium quality finishes.


Nowadays cooking has become more and more trendy, because of that CPA Home has a great target: Fulfill the expectative of all this people who without being a professional cook wants to own a kitchen with professional characteristics to be able to fully develop it’s passion for cooking.

The same equipment with professional catering delights us in its restaurants, now you can be in your home, and a very important point to take into account….

¿Can you imagine your kitchen smoke-free?

Possible with CPA Home!



In the industrial sector, a kitchen with a clean atmosphere, free of smoke, is something taken by granted. Our experience and the use of industrial equipments will allow you to cook end enjoy the delicious taste of grill having not to worry for the smoke prduced.

Custom made wine cellars, with different sections and temperatures, built in fine materials which will make your kitchen essential part of your house.

Strength and beauty, is what CPA Home merges harmoniously, getting a beautiful, and very, very practical outcome.

This is how our kitchens are, this is how CPA Home.