About Us

Experienced and professional team

Grupo Rull is a business group specialized on designing and installing gastronomic spaces. Thanks to our team, formed by people with extensive experience and a high grade of professionalism, we design, build and install industrial kitchens well sized to maximize it’s profitability. Moreover than a workplace, our kitchens, become a space for gastronomic creativity for both restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Grupo Rull

Specialized on creating and installing profesional gastronomic spaces.

Furniture in stainless steel

The stainless Steel custom made furniture allows us to reach the Chef concrete needs. The custom made equipment is one of our strongest points, therefore one of our firm’s hallmarks.

Founded in 1940

Grupo Rull is actually a business group formed by 3 companies with its headquarters in Lleida and offices in Barcelona, Western Pyrenees and Andorra. On the other side, Grupo Rull has distribution and technical service points that cover the entire national territory.

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